Tours Categories

Tours Categories


South Sinai Travel had a vision that disrupted the industry norms. We created tours that catered to the typical historical paths tourists love to take, but we’ve also started creating tours for the returning travelers, the ones who seek more than historical sites, and those who’d like to walk off the-beaten-path. We are focusing on allowing our travelers to experience Egypt for a whole new lens and we are confident that we are the best DMC that can deliver on that vision.

The Classical Tours

Incoming travelers grew up learning about the ancient times and have always dreamt about seeing the Pharaonic history in Egypt. This Tour is for them. Those who want to dive into history heads first. Those who want to visit the Pyramids and museums in Cairo, then fly out to Luxor to visit the Karnak Temple then head over to Aswan and Abu Simbel to visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The Religious Tour

Jews, Christians, and Muslims have lived in Egypt for thousands of years which leaves the doors wide open for travelers to see, learn, and take the blessings of these holy sites.

Travelers will be able to follow the path of The Holy Family, visit newly restored synagogues, and experience the old Islamic Cairo.

The Family Tour

Tours that are suitable for all family members that little ones can enjoy as well as the adults. Nice, interesting, short tours.

You will be able to interact with families and animals at the Nubian Village, enjoy the beautiful plants at Botanical Gardens and Banana Island. Have a Camel ride, a horse carriage, watch the precious items at the Jewelry Museum, learn pottery, and pick fruits and vegetables in Fayoum.

The Adventurous

This is for those who want more. They refuse to just have the same thing everyone else is enjoying. They crave the adventure, and we deliver it.

Stargazing, sand boarding, dune buggies, dinner with the nomadic beduins, climbing Mt. Sinai, and much more.

This is what The Adventurous is all about

The Water-sports

Blessed with magnificent coastlines, Egypt has been ranked as one of the top 3 destinations for water sports in the world!

This is a niche we want to expand with you. Travelers come from all over the world to enjoy the Red Sea’s calm flat water, windy weather, and relaxed atmosphere.

The Nile River Dinner

Celebrate an evening in Cairo with a glittering 2-hour dinner cruise along the iconic Nile River.