Our Services

Inbound Travel

South Sinai Travel handles a wide range of incoming tour operations, including leisure trips for FITs and groups. We offer creative programs for special interest groups and individuals that relate to different age groups. Our destination, Egypt, has an unrivalled variety and offers a unique travel experience. Whether you are looking for adventure, luxury, relaxation by the beach, out-of-the-box ideas, or rich history, Egypt is guaranteed to be your best option.

Our organization offers tours in multiple languages and provides preferred guides and Egyptologists who deliver lectures on Egypt’s ancient history. We guarantee a memorable trip that will give you a feel of the Egyptian culture and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Airport Services

South Sinai Travel has expertise in all the Egyptian airports:

We meet our guests at all airports in Egypt and assist with immigration and customs procedures.
We provide VIP airport services, including VIP lounge reservations.
We handle private immigration desk procedures to minimize wait times.
Our representatives are trained to apply hygiene measures and adhere to social distancing protocols.
Your representative is your first point of contact in the country. They ensure that every small detail is in place and can assist you with any requests for new arrangements.


Our Executive fleet that offers complete ground transportation services. Our fleet is painted by our own state of the art fleet maintenance facilities.

The choice of the latest Mercedes buses, Mercedes Vans for small families, Mercedes Benz Sedan for VIP and celebrities with wide rate of models to suit the category required for each client. This is in addition to the standard limousine service.

Holiday Maker

South Sinai Travel is skilled at creating special tailor-made itineraries to suit every client’s needs. You can choose from one of our ready-made programs or you can create your own itinerary to suit your exact wished.

Additionally, we can take you to places seldom visited by other companies such as the desert oasis of Siwa, the ruins of Dima & Qasr El Sagha, sports fishing on Lake Nasser and the unique Paradise island in Aswan, where no-one else can take you simply because it’s ours!!

Visa Services

Our airport escorts handle the issuance of arrival visas for non-Egyptian travelers of certain nationalities who are eligible for the service to enter Egypt.

We regularly update our customers on embassy requirements and the cost of each visa to assist them in properly planning their travel arrangements.

Aviation Ticketing

South Sinai Travel is a partner of the International Air Transport Association IATA and its ground handling services adhere to the most recent international standards.

To facilitate our operations cycle we have our in-house airline department that mainly caters the needs of booking all the flights for our clients and with our connection with most airlines and our turnover we are confident that we always accommodate the flights according to the preferred time and without affecting the logical sequence of their sightseeing