Great Pyramids of Giza host largest skydiving showcase in MENA

on November 18th, the Great Pyramids of Giza set the stage for a groundbreaking skydiving showcase above its historic desert landscape.

In an event titled ‘Made in Egypt, Pharaohs Challenge,’ 70 parachutists from across the globe soared over centuries of history in an inauguration organised by Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

East Nile monorail begins trial operation

The Ministry of Transport announced the commencement of passengerless testing for the East Nile Monorail, November 5th, 2023.

This new 54-kilometer route, featuring 22 stations, connects the Fifth Settlement, Nasr City’s Al Mosheer Tantawy station, and the New Administrative Capital.

The Cairo Monorail, a two-line monorail rapid transit system under construction, is set to become the world’s longest driverless monorail system. It is part of a broader national effort to promote eco-friendly public transportation.