Cairo & Giza

Cairo and Giza are two of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt, and for good reason. These two cities are home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and one of the world’s largest megacities, with a vast metropolitan area stretching out as Greater Cairo to include Giza and the outer suburbs that have developed to the east and west of the city center. The beating heart of the city is nestled and centered around the banks of Egypt’s majestic River Nile and its glistening waters that have served as a lifeline for Egyptians since the dawn of human civilization.

From the moment you set foot in Cairo, no matter the time of day or night, all your senses will be awakened. Cairo is the city that truly never sleeps! Founded in 969, its Arabic name “Al-Qahira” translates as “The Victorious.”

No visit to Egypt is complete without a trip to the famous Giza Pyramids. Venture west across the Nile and head to where the lush green countryside meets the desert in Giza, home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Memphis and its Necropolis. Explore a land saturated in ritual, mystery, and cult ceremony. In the shadows of the Giza pyramids, you can begin your journey with a trek from north to south, exploring all the monuments that led to the construction of the most famous structures in the world.

Weather Averages

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Winter (DEC – FEB)Spring (MAR – MAY)Summer (JUN – AUG)Fall (SEP – NOV)
11 – 20°C15 – 28°C23 – 36°C18 – 30°C
51.8 – 68°F59 – 82.4°F73.4 – 96.8°F64.4 – 86°F

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