Egypt’s Minister of Tourism & Antiquities inaugurates the Imhotep Museum at the Saqqara archaeologic site

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities reopened the Imhotep Museum at the Saqqara archaeologic site after completing its development and renovation project.

Imhotep museum consists of 6 halls: the Saqqara hall, the Lauer Library, the architecture hall, the Saqqara tombs hall, the Saqqara models hall, and the archaeological missions hall.

The museum houses 286 artifacts, as well as a library.

Imhotep Museum is considered one of the most significant archaeological museums in Egypt.

The museum was built to commemorate and honour the great ancient Egyptian architect Imhotep.

First phase of Aswan’s Ahl Masr walkway set to open in January 2024

Aswan’s revitalised Nile corniche promenade is set to open in mid-January 2024, and is anticipated to draw in more visitors to Egypt’s southern capital.

The first phase’s opening in January will coincide with Aswan’s national day. The ‘People of Egypt Walk’ is set to transform over 9 kilometres of the city’s waterfront.

As part of a nationwide urban redevelopment initiative, the corniche project will feature landscaped walkways, cafes, shops and restaurants nestled between palms and local granite. Ramps, elevators and other facilities will ensure access for all.