Famous for being called the “Pearl of the Mediterranean, ” the captivating Alexandria will fascinate you with its mix of history and modernity. Although very little remains of the old city, Alexandria still retains its Mediterranean ambience and old European residence houses, combined with old cafes and Greco Roman monuments. The Catacombs of Kom el-Shouqafa, the underwater ruins of Montazah and Maamoura and the city’s vibrant arts scene make Alexandria a great sightseeing destination. Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque and the Coptic Cathedral of St. Mark are also sights to behold.

Weather Averages

°C | °F

Winter (DEC – FEB)Spring (MAR – MAY)Summer (JUN – AUG)Fall (SEP – NOV)
11 – 20°C13 – 32°C22 – 36°C18 – 34°C
51.8 – 68°F55.4 – 89.6°F71.6 – 96.8°F64.4 – 93.2°F

What you need to see